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SAMAT truck

26 July 2021

ECOTRAVID’s VMC Engineers Complete 18 months of Data Analysis

Software engineers have just completed 18 months of analysis of all the data collected for ECOTRAVID’s Virtual Measurement Campaign (VMC) since its launch in January 2020.


30 June 2021

ECOTRAVID Pilot in Full Swing

The measurement campaign of LIFE’s ECOTRAVID pilot is in full swing, with nearly all of the 40 trucks and trailers involved in the project and operated by transportation and logistics expert Samat now fitted with their onboard terminals.

Fruehauf Trailer

23 June 2021

Fruehauf Launches New Service, in Partnership with Telematics Leader Novacom

Press Release

Market-leading trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer Fruehauf has signed a partnership with Novacom, supplier of the Trailermatics telematics system. The deal will enable Fruehauf customers in France to have Novacom’s dedicated telematics system factory-fitted free of charge on all their new trailers and semi-trailers.

truck driver with his smartphone

18 June 2021

Smart savings with smartphones

By centralizing basic fleet management data on smartphones, the Novacom Driver Connect app increases driver mobility and allows companies to reduce their telematics hardware costs.

trucks and trailers on a highway

26 May 2021

How GPS tracking benefits the bottom line

One of the key standard functions of a telematics system is geopositioning –the GPS tracking and regular relay of a vehicle’s location. This underpins a range of services aimed at improving the performance and profitability of haulage and logistics companies alike.

Data sharing between Euromaster and its customers

01 April 2021

Euromaster launches truck and trailer TPMS in partnership with Novacom

Press Release

As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing truck driver safety, Euromaster has partnered with connected fleet management pioneer Novacom, to offer hauliers an on-the-road tyre pressure and temperature monitoring and alert system.

Truck on a road in the middle of nature

23 February 2021

5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint with fleet management

Which tools to reduce pollution?

trucks and data

10 February 2021

Boost your performance with smart data

The smart processing of transportation data turns fleet management systems into profit-making decision support tools.

Novacom has selected NIBC as official partner, in UK and Ireland

04 February 2021

Novacom has selected NIBC as official partner, in UK and Ireland

We are delighted to announce that through a competitive process, Novacom have selected NIBC as their official partner in UK & Ireland.

The keys to success for today's transportation companies are digitization and connectivity

28 January 2021

A Rollercoaster of a Year – Interview of the CEO of Novacom

Interview of Joris van Woerkom, new CEO of Novacom Europe arrived in 2020, and come back on one of the most challenging years ever for the transportation industry.

truck driver studying analysis

06 January 2021

Reducing TCO with remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics for tractor and trailers makes predictive maintenance a reality, reducing vehicle downtime and fleet TCO in the process.

parcel logistics in a warehouse

10 December 2020

Shipment tracking and the issue of controlled interoperability

Shipment tracking is now widely used across all sectors. Driven mainly by e-commerce, SMS-, email- and web-based digital tracking services are gradually migrating from BtoC to BtoB.

motorway with trucks on the road

17 November 2020

Tachographs – the new weapon against illegal cabotage

Europe’s 2020 Mobility Package announces the roll-out of a new generation of smart tachographs better equipped to detect road transport activities and monitor cabotage.

trucks parked on a warehouse

10 November 2020

Telematics: The crisis-busting, cost-cutting solution

In the face of the ongoing crisis, many transportation companies are struggling to maintain operations and cut costs. One performance-boosting strategy available to them is trailer telematics.

the Earth view from space

29 October 2020

CLS Response to COVID-19

CLS has implemented our business continuity plan, guaranteeing the same level of operational service 24/7/365 days a year. You can continue to contact your representatives, and you can also reach us at:

truck driver with a smartphone

07 October 2020

Mobile Technology and the Professional Driver

Smartphones' massive deployment and the IoT has given professional drivers access to mobile technology. How did smartphones become driver's digital helper?

trailer tires

23 September 2020

TPMS: The future of smart tires

IoT on the road: a cost killer

road on a bridge over a forest

08 September 2020

How can trucking companies reduce their carbon footprint?

25% of greenhouse gas is produced by road transportation and trucking accounts for the bulk of that number. How do trucking company executives combat pollution effectively?

driver holding a tablet

28 July 2020

The e-CMR: Digital freight documents

The dematerialisation of the CMR, an international digital consignment note, makes it possible to track transported goods, from loading to delivery, specifying the means put in place for its transport.

truck on the road

30 June 2020

Dynamic Routing 2.0

ECOTRAVID, a Life European Program

SAMAT truck

19 June 2020

Digital documents for HAZMAT Transportation

E-CMR, loading declaration, washing certificate, compatibility certificate, etc.

encadrement de approvisionnement de masques par la Gendarmerie nationale

20 April 2020

COVID-19 – Trailermatics helping to keep track of mask convoys in France

Trailermatics assists Geodis and the Gendarmerie Nationale in the real-time monitoring of mask supply convoys.

Map trucks POI Covid-19

04 April 2020

COVID-19: Truck Driver Working Conditions

Trailermatics platform indicates nearest points of interest

With the COVID-19 pandemic now at its peak, road transporters are more than ever called upon to supply essential sectors such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

mountain road

25 March 2020

Choosing the right route to reduce fuel consumption

ECOTRAVID Life Project

CHABAS testimony

05 February 2020

Optimizing fleet management with the Trailermatics platform

Testimonial from Transports Chabas Santé

prix de l'équipement 2019

03 February 2019

2019 Equipment Price

1st Prize - Predictive Fleet Management Module - Services Category

Novacom wins the 2019 Equipment Award with its new Fleet Management module.

suivi en temps réel de poids lourds

03 February 2019

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race car

13 November 2018

24 heures du Mans and World Championship

Novacom and TDS Racing Partnership

Novacom Services is in charge of the semi-trailers, transporting the racing vehicles of the TDS Racing teams, who have regularly participated for several years in the famous "24 heures du Mans", and also at the FIA World Endurance Championship WEC (International Federation of Automobile, World Endurance Championship).

logo dhollandia

03 September 2018

A connected tail lift for an even more advanced monitoring

New technological partnership with Dhollandia

After six months of reflection and various developments with our customers, let’s discover the connected tail lift data for an advanced and operational fleet management,proposed by two european leaders: Dhollandia and Novacom.


01 May 2018


Discover our project: FOSTER-ITS

First Operational, Secured and Trusted galiLEo Receiver for ITS applications. The FOSTER ITS receiver is designed to increase the reliability and robustness of positioning, even in the more frequent cases of GNSS attacks (jammers, etc.). These attacks distort the GPS position generated by a standard receiver, or completely cancel its ability to generate a position, with the security risks that this represents. The FOSTER ITS receiver is able to protect the terminal in case of attacks. The aims of FOSTER-ITS are the security of the GNSS against attacks and the electronic signature (formal proof and non-repudiation)

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