Testimonial from Transports Chabas Santé

Tracking the cold chain, monitoring punctuality, decision support … For the pharmaceutical product carrier Chabas Santé, a leading player in temperature-controlled transport, the CLS group’s, Trailermatics tracking platform is key to optimizing fleet management.

Chabas Santé relies on the solutions offered by Trailermatics to optimize operations of its 40 trucks, light vehicles and semi-trailers.

Monitoring the cold chain, fuel and tire consumption, or checking door openings with sensors are just some of the features offers by the localisation platform Trailermatics of CLS.

Discover the advantages of connected and optimized fleet management with this major player in temperature-controlled transport.

Virgyl Bergiel, head of pharmaceutical transport at Transports Chabas Santé, confirms what his company has gained from using the Trailermatics solution: “We also use the scheduling part of the platform, which allows us to define points of interest to locate loading and unloading sites. This allows us to be much more responsive for our customers, in the sense that when someone calls to find out the status of the delivery, we can tell them where the driver is and that he’ll be arriving in a quarter of an hour, for example. So, it saves time and we also optimize the drivers’ routes with the map we have on the platform.”

Trailermatics solutions are compliant with European standard 12830 and guarantee the integrity of the cold chain.