Trailermatics platform indicates nearest points of interest

With the COVID-19 pandemic now at its peak, road transporters are more than ever called upon to supply essential sectors such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

Truck drivers, whose workload has increased, are spending long hours on the road. However, the lockdown and restrictions due to the health crisis have led to the closure of many road services such as motorway areas, restaurants and sanitary facilities. These supply and hygiene areas are important for their comfort and daily life.

These volunteer workers are acting out of solidarity for their country, continuing to do their job despite their right to cease work on health grounds—a right underlined by their trade unions. So it is really important to ensure the best possible working conditions for them, with access to showers, toilets and catering.

These professionals also have mandatory daily breaks in their driving hours and without access to these service centers it would be complicated, if not impossible, to comply with the law and apply commonsense rules essential to everyone’s safety.

As a result, and in response to the alerts posted by transport professionals on social media, the teams of the Trailermatics connected fleet management platform wanted to do their part and offer a free functionality developed in recent days for their customers. To improve their comfort and safety, truck drivers now have access to all open road services near their location.

Points of interest identified are technical centers, truck stops, motorway areas, and road centers (areas dedicated to truck drivers).

These are updated daily by the Trailermatics teams with government information from the French Ministry of Transport website (Bison Futé). Drivers are geolocated by the terminal on their truck and can therefore access via the online operators on the platform all relevant points of interest on their route or nearby. They can also see how far away a selected point of interest is and how long it will take to get there.

This new service will give drivers peace of mind and ensure better working conditions for them in the days ahead.

map of interest points proposed by the Trailermatics platform