Pressure to reduce your carbon footprint will intensify even further in the coming years. 25% of greenhouse gas is produced by road transportation and trucking accounts for the bulk of that number.

So how do trucking company executives combat pollution effectively? With the right tools, reducing your carbon footprint can also mean savings.

LIFE EcoTravid Project

The LIFE program was created in 1992 and is the European Union’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The LIFE EcoTravid project is part of this strategy and aims to optimize routing to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for transport trucks.

New engines and energy sources may be avenues for future development, but urgent action is required to reduce the impact of every trip. Current studies indicate that road transport will account for 40% of CO2 emissions by 2050, with trucking accounting for the majority of that pollution.

BigData for smart routing

Big data makes smart routing possible using connected technologies in vehicles and various trucking company departments, starting with operations.

How do you optimize routing for each vehicle based on the load and pick-up and delivery points to achieve the smallest possible carbon footprint and reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear?

The answer is hiding in plain sight. You have to factor in and analyze all these variables to customize routes for each trip. That means using a range of data to calculate the most efficient solution.

smart routing

With Ecotravid, reduce your carbon footprint

Optimizing each trip for every vehicle in your fleet will not only help reduce emissions, you’ll also save up to 10% on fuel.

To achieve these results, EcoTravid factors in all transportation variables.  Data on gross weight, the products being transported, weather conditions, and road topography all help optimize the route.

Results are immediate, starting from the first EcoTravid-optimized delivery: a smaller carbon footprint and optimized fleet management. Plus, guidance that makes life easier for your drivers by helping them arrive safely and on time.