Cutting edge big data solution for fleet routing to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions:

      • Decrease fuel expenses up to 10%
      • Significant reduction of CO2 footprint
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Dynamic Routing to optimize fuel usage

Find the sustainable way

In partnership with Fraunhofer institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) and SAMAT NOVACOM has developed a dynamic planning and decisionmaking module for its SaaS platform. When a transport is scheduled optimal routes are computed weighing a wide range of real-time external and internal drivers for fuel consumption, finding the most fuel-efficient route.

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Unleashing the power of all big data providing your fleet with most efficient routing, optimizing fuel consumption and greehouse emissions.

Climate change: time to act

In 2050, freight transport is forecasted to become the main source of CO2 emissions. For that reason, For that reason, the transportation community welcomes solutions to drive environment-friendly route management.

Innovative decision-making service

Ecotravid allows you to take full advantage of:

  • Intuitive SaaS platform providing efficient fuel and fleet management tools.
  • Powerful Big data model containing key drivers for energy demands and losses for your vehicles, such as dynamic weather and terrain conditions, providing optimal routing options.
  • Cutting edge AI solution.
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