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TPMS Technology

Benefit at least 900 euro per year, per vehicle

If you have TPMS installed, you will benefit at least 900 euro per vehicle per year. That means that adding TPMS will give you all the fleet management tools for free. We are ready to make a realistic calculation about your transport fleet, and show you that TPMS is one of the best and measurable Return on Investments you can get. Invest in the future, in better fleet management and in reducing your costs. The Novacom Trailermatics team is ready to roll.

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What is TPMS?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitor System. A rim fitted sensor (MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical System) measures the tire pressure and temperature. The data transmitted includes temperature, pressure and location of the tire. TPMS in Novacom Trailermatics can monitor up to 12 wheel units and can be combined with EBS CANbus data.

Trailermatics provides a unique state of the art connection on trailers with our Tire Pressure Monitor System. Because we operate brand neutral for tires, reefers and EBS; any trailer from any manufacturer can be connected to our system.

Some systems can be monitored only by the driver. But research from Pirelli showed this is not enough. The driver obviously has a deadline and will choose ‘to go for the last mile’ to deliver the cargo in time, rather than to stop and add some extra air to the tires.

That’s why a fleet manager must monitor and intervene when necessary. A road accident due to a slow leaker or high-pressure tire is bad for the customer and the reputation of the transport company. It costs a lot more money to change a tire and even change the cargo. Handling these avoidable costs make a difference for a transport company. With our Tire Pressure Monitor System, you monitor your tires, and you can schedule maintenance in between two transports; an efficient way to keep your assets and tires in a perfect shape.


Financial advantages

  • Save fuel
    More effective pressure check, saves money on fuel; the #1 operational cost (and increasing!).
  • Save tires
    More mileage with tires saves money on new tires
  • Less down time
    Less downtime because of better maintenance.
  • Protect theft
    Tire theft gives a direct alert by mail and SMS. (if TPMS system is powered)
  • Less accidents
    Avoid roadside incidents and collateral damage

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Money rolls

Tires wear out; that is obvious. But the longer a tire stays in good shape, the more money you make. And the money is all that matters in a branch where margins are small. In 2004, the cost for one kilo rubber was $ 0,50 cent. Today the minimum cost is at least three times as high. And with the increasing demand of more tires for more cars in China and India, this rubber cost can only go up. Important to care about your tires, to keep them in a good shape which will make them last longer. TPMS can help you.


TPMS statistics

These figures need no further explanation.

Having the wrong tire pressure gives an average 5% increase of fuel consumption
source: Volvo, Michelin

20% below recommended tire pressure level reduces tire life with 30%
source: Goodyear, Michelin

89% of tire incidents are caused by ‘slow leakers’.
source: Goodyear, Michelin

14% of replaced tires in Europe are Blow-Out Tires. Blow-Out tires are a result of being significantly over or under pressure.
source: TIP Trailer Services, Dunlop, Goodyear

10% under inflation of tires will increase vehicle fuel consumption by 1.2%. With a 3% improvement in fleet operating TPMS, a fuel saving of 0.4% can be gained.
source: TIP Trailer Services

Average break-down cost due to blow-out tire was 742 euro per incident in 2008.
source: TIP Trailer Services


CO2 emission

Europe looks at TPMS as a reliable way to save fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. It’s for that reason that new passenger cars from November 2012 must be equipped with a TPMS.

The transport industry is also looking how they can reduce the CO2 and save expensive fuel. One of the initiatives is to develop a new low rolling resistance tire concept in The Lorry Project. This research represents a valuable step forward for manufacturers, fleet managers and drivers, but also a new track to better protect the environment. 5% of fuel saved per truck are huge costs for a fleet of hundreds of trucks running all year on European roads.

Saving fuel also reduces the carbon footprint of ground transportation. The new tires could make their first spin on the roads in about three years. Novacom CLS Services is proud to be a partner in this project. For more information about the Lorry Project:


Connect with Trailermatics

The influence of intelligent technology (IT) in transport and logistics is massive. Who could have imagined ten years ago that you could watch in real-time on your PC screen how much air pressure your tires have on all rolling assets? Or what the rotating speed is of your wheels on the ground somewhere is the north of Poland or in the desert of Mauretania? At Novacom Trailermatics, we couldn’t wait to bring this product to the market and connect it with our flexible GPS trailer tracking solution called Trailermatics.

Clients go to the Internet, log-in to our User Interface and check if all tires are OK. If not, they will be the first to know, thanks to an alert by e-mail or SMS. In fact, with TPMS you can prevent blow-outs or flat tires because the pressure wasn’t good. It’s that simple. But can TMPS benefit your business? Let us prove to you it can!

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