Controlled goods: temperature monitoring, schedule management

Refrigerated transport: rigorous tracking

There’s no margin for error when shipping sensitive products like drugs or pharmaceuticals. As a prime partner of the pharmaceutical industry, Transports Chabas Santé ensures full temperature control and safety of products transported.

Since it began operating its business in 2015, Chabas Santé has relied on Trailermatics solutions to deliver a high-quality and precise service that complies with European standards.

Monitoring goods and optimizing deliveries

Transports Chabas Santé relies on the platform developed by Novacom in its day-to-day operations and for long-term strategic decisions.

The carrier thus keeps track of where its vehicles are and uses the platform’s geolocation and mapping functionalities to optimize the routes taken by its drivers.

The interface allows you to define areas of interest (loading and unloading sites) and view estimated arrival times. Thanks to this module, teams can accurately monitor the schedule and punctuality of deliveries and inform their customers.

The entire fleet is monitored in real time and in the event of a temperature excursion alerts are sent so that the carrier can respond to secure sensitive goods.

“In addition to alerts that avoid temperature excursions, Trailermatics allows us to be much more responsive for our customers. It’s a time saver, as we also optimize the drivers’ routes thanks to the platform’s map feature.” 

Virgyl Bergiel, Pharmaceutical Transport Manager, Chabas Santé

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