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Neutral and Interoperable platform

One tracking tool:

one tracking toolData hub platform for optimized fleet management and decision making

  • Interconnection process with the IT systems (TMS, BMS, ERP) of our customers, its integrates more automatically telematic data with their processes, and in some cases to sell directly from the service to their own customers (Novacom Services: white mark).
  • Ability to collect data from third-party systems (centralizing platform) to operate in a consistent manner.
  • Concept of modularity and flexibility, including services associated with telematics, which has the particular advantage of managing multiple suppliers and connecting various equipment

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Benefits of the tool

Time Saving and productivity enhancing

  • A single tool to interface with processes and information systems

Multi-source data collection

  • One platform to consolidate your data and unify reporting

Versatility and modularity

  • Connect your own assets as well as third party terminals

Complete and progressive range: access for all users profiles 

  • Fleet managers – Directors of sites
  • Headquarters – Direction – Buyers
  • “Guest” access: clients, mechanic, workshops, subcontractors
  • Drivers

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a Complete and progressive range