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Cold chain tracking

Trailermatics provides cold chain tracking

Cold chain assurance is a crucial issue for the refrigerated or temperature-controlled transportation of goods in order to prevent any temperature disruption which may lead to deterioration or even loss of the goods in question. We also provides a solution for this type of transportation by offering very precise, remote tracking and control in order to guarantee the quality of the goods throughout their transportation.

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  • Precise, real-time temperature tracking
  • Faster reaction thanks to alerts setpoint
  • Temperature control
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Record temperatures (EN 12830 certification)

Our tools

  • Temperature sensor, with addition of separate sensors
  • Direct reading of the refrigeration motor; connection to Thermo King and Carrier for example
  • Alert in the event of setpoint deviation, with precise tracking
  • Remote setpoint temperature change management

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One interface for your entire fleet!

The Trailermatics system uses wireless technology that works regardless of the brand or age of your semi-trailers. We can retrofit the system, giving you the same benefits and services as your new vehicles. What’s more, our global network covers more than 35 countries and visits your sites directly. Trailermatics imports the data from your old contracts into your management interface, no matter what telematics provider they were with. This harmonizes and modernizes the management of your fleet affordably, with no setbacks. It gives you a secure management interface accessible 24/7 over the web, using whatever device you prefer, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone.


Your personal account gives you more than just real-time data.

It also includes data logs for your vehicles for a contractually set period of time. This makes it easier to manage your fleet: No more storing printouts of data, or collecting reports directly from the vehicles. From a management perspective, you can retrace the paths taken by your vehicles and optimize your rounds, and calculate an active/inactive ratio or on-time delivery rate. You can even give your clients secure access to data about their deliveries. This gives them valuable real-time information for their business (loading hours, temperature control, etc.), a real benefit to all.


We integrate a configurable smart alert management system.

Get alerts in the form of real-time text messages or e-mails programmed in advance. Cargo monitoring: Temperature difference in relation to the setpoint, failure to turn on the refrigeration unit, driving with the door open, etc. Your deliveries arriving just in time: When a vehicle reaches a zone, stops or resumes driving, coupling time, etc. Safety for drivers and equipment: Doors openings outside authorized areas, unauthorized motion detection even when not powered on, speed alerts, etc.

driver application


Driver Application

React in case of anomalies: Access to key information and real-time alerts for the driver for better responsiveness: cold sensors status, tires, doors, etc.

What is the EN 12830 standard?

It defines the required metrological, electrical and mechanical characteristics of a temperature recorder for the “transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream”. Among other things, the EN 12830 standard specifies that recorders must have an accuracy of ±1°C between -30°C and +30°C.


Frigomatics : Telematics dedicated to refrigerated logistics with Trailermatics and Lamberet.

The partnership between Lamberet; Europe’s largest refrigerated trailer specialist and Trailermatics is going strong. Frigomatics delivers the best of both: a factory installed telematics solution to create the ultimate cold chain solution. The Trailermatics terminal provides GPS location for finding, while also collecting and analysing data from the semi-trailer’s sensors and systems. With the four-band modem, the terminal transmits this data in real time to the secure server platform.

The terminal is specially designed to fit into and withstand the operating conditions of a Lamberet semi-trailer. It works within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and has lithium batteries that can keep running for two months when the trailer’s power is not on. A CAN interface connected to the semi-trailer’s EBS, reporting data from the chassis’ onboard computer like mileage, axle load, brake wear, etc. A connection interface made for CARRIER or THERMOKING refrigeration units is used to display error codes, run time, temperatures, etc. Multiple dedicated sensors, depending on the desired date.

Frigomatics is trailer telematics dedicated to refrigerated logistics. Our partner Lamberet, the specialist in refrigerated vehicles, offers an all-in-one solution combining a semi-trailer, cooling unit, and integrated telematics. The Frigomatics solution, developed with Novacom, European leader in on-board telematics, offers you many advantages, like geolocation and delivery route optimization, lower operating costs, real-time tracking of your vehicles’ statuses, improved dispatching quality and reliability, and a safer fleet.

Frigomatics web interface is capable to monitor all trailers, also from other operators.

Interested in Frigomatics? Download the new brochure FRIGOMATICS TELEMATICS ENGLISH


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Frigomatics, powered by Novacom.