Trailermatics, the leading name for GPS trailer tracking telematics

The next generation telematics for your trailers offers more than a reliable GPS trailer tracking system. It’s about the quality of the information and how to use this to improve your business performance. That is what makes Novacom Trailermatics the #1 telematics trailer expert in Europe.

Novacom Europe received Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award 2015!

Based on its recent analysis of the connected trailer market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Novacom Europe B.V. in 2015 with the European Award for Customer Value Leadership. A great achievement for Novacom Europe that has attained a dominant position in the European market with Trailermatics. Read the complete story


Benefit with TPMS at least 900 euro per year, per vehicle

We are ready to make a realistic calculation about your transport fleet, large or small. And show you that TPMS is one of the best and measurable Return on Investments you can get. Save money every day with our TPMS solution.
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The ultimate combination of telematics expertise

Trailermatics is a GPS for trailers service product from Novacom Europe; the joint venture of Novacom Services SA and TIP Trailer Services. Novacom Europe is specialised Telematics Service Provider for the European transport and logistics industry.
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Upgrade your transport business performance

With our service product Trailermatics GPS Trailer Tracking, Novacom Europe brings your business performance up to levels only imagined through our complementary financial, operational and consulting services.
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Change is not always easy to follow. What direction should you go and how must you avoid the always present hurdles that make you lose time and money? Many b2b prophets offer plans, products and services; driven by change and innovation, trying to sell you their latest software or application. If you look at the bigger picture, you can see that one fact is clear: Transport and Logistics is becoming a disruptive industry, thanks to the digital revolution. The uprise of consumers that demand a superfast delivery has made the volume of goods very unpredictable. In fact, you’ll never know what tomorrow will bring. It is uncertain if you will find a new cargo for the trailer that just arrived in another city or country. In the worst case scenario, you will have an empty trailer driving back to your depot and that is more than a waste of money. An empty trailer is also less steady on the road. Think about the extra risk you take if your driver drives an empty trailer home. In every way, it is better to have a fully loaded trailer. Digital freight platforms Thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) you can connect your empty trailer with people that have freight for you, waiting to be transported. Digital freight platforms are the latest disruptive change for transport and logistic managers. But also a good one, because now you can log-in and bid on freight jobs. If you’re price is right, you can book the trip and steer trailer and truck to the pick-up point. This maybe all sounds too good to be true, but it will become the new standard very soon. The only thing you have to do (besides delivering on time) is to have all technical elements in place to play a role in this new game. Once you are on the digital freight platform, you must be able to locate and connect your trailer to the nearest pick-up point. This is where trailer telematics has become essential. Telematics as data driver A telematics device like the DG400 on your trailer has grown from a technical gadget to a serious data driver that can boost your business. Novacom Europe has been developing trailer telematics for many years and is the multiple Award winning solution to get the best out of the digital revolution. Make the connection with the near future and bring your trailers up to date with the latest and the best trailer telematics solution; Trailermatics. It is not important what brand of trailer you have; any brand will do as Trailermatics is brand neutral and can be installed on any brand or type of trailer. Plus our software can import or merge any existing software you are currently using. Merge data Trailermatics can collect and merge information from any other connectable device (like most of the reefers engines). With Trailermatics from Novacom, you have the ideal platform to oversee and manage all data to or from other telematics providers. That makes us also the perfect partner to integrate trailer telematics with existing truck telematics. At Novacom, we think about solutions to keep you going! The multiple Award-winning GPS Trailer Tracking Solution Novacom Trailermatics was awarded in 2011 and 2015 with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership Award’ for the European connected trailer industry. If you want to do business with the best GPS Trailer Tracking solution available on the market, connect with us via e-mail to set up an introductory meeting and a demo: Trailermatics by Novacom Europe is powered by Novacom Services
Trailer telematics is your key to a new future
GPS Trailer Tracking Comments Off on Trailer telematics is your key to a new future 22-12-16
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Novacom makes Santa happy with Trailermatics
Novacom makes Santa happy with Trailermatics
GPS Trailer Tracking Comments Off on Novacom makes Santa happy with Trailermatics 16-12-16
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Arthur Welter Transports enables all trailers with Trailermatics
GPS Trailer Tracking Comments Off on Arthur Welter Transports enables all trailers with Trailermatics 05-12-16
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Why Trailermatics should be on your ‘things to do’ list.
Why Trailermatics should be on your ‘things to do’ list
GPS Trailer Tracking Comments Off on Why Trailermatics should be on your ‘things to do’ list 29-11-16
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Board member ETB »
The European Transport Board consists of decision makers from the most significant European transportation & logistics companies who, together, control almost 300,000 units in road transport.

Member of TAPA »
According to the European Union, the theft of high value, high risk products moving in supply chains in Europe costs businesses in excess of € 8.2 billion a year.

Member of Eurowatch »
Eurowatch service covers more than 42 countries and includes Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Alarm Monitoring and eCall (designed to bring rapid assistance to drivers involved in vehicle accidents), and uniquely connects with any GPS tracking device.

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Customers prefer to monitor shipment location...
"We are extending our operation for new areas of multimodal operations, our customers are more demanding in terms of transit times shortening thus we need to be very flexible – pulling the trailer through supply chain consistently means no truck failure may interrupt the process – thus we have to offer quick switch in case of emergency – then the Customers prefer to monitor the shipment location rather than actual truck. Therefore trailer telematics solution is great option for shipment tracking."" - Pawel Moder, director
Trailermatics makes our transport more safe
We can now track every trailer in Europe and monitor if the trailer safety locks are opened during a stop-over. A great source of information during valuable transport. In this way our clients can be sure that we monitor their goods in the best possible way. " - ,
Do you know the costs of a flat tyre during transport?
We do. It is a lot of hassle and gives important delay for the freight. To avoid this we use now TPMS, the Tyre Pressure Monitor System from Trailermatics. An alert is given when the pressure is too high or too low. Also great for tyre maintenance planning. " - ,
Because we are active in Maghreb too...
We have over 500 trailers on the road. Trailermatics was the only telematics trailer service that could track our assets down into Maghreb, a great extra that made the decision easy for us. " - ,