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TIP Trailers Europe

TIP Trailer Services, a shareholder in Novacom Europe (supplier of Trailermatics) is considered the leader in the European transport and logistics sector with more than 50,000 trailers, tanks, intermodal units and truck units. By using Trailermatics for their own fleet of trailers, TIP Trailer Services has been able to establish that the poor coupling of EBS braking to semi-trailers, the excessive braking by the drivers and the overloading of the trailer was at the origin of a 10% increase in brake and tire wear. By training drivers and drawing attention to these important wear factors, an increase in maintenance savings is now noticeable. In addition, the installation of Trailermatics has enabled TIP Trailer Services to approach the relevant public authorities in some European countries in order to reduce the duration of asset management cycles and thus save on service charges and costs. downtimes of vehicles.