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Bring Cargo

Bring Cargo, part of Norway Post has signed their entire European trailer fleet with Novacom Trailermatics. Almost 1.000 trailers will be equipped with the ‘state of the art’ telematics for trailers solution.

Bring is the fourth largest logistics operator and second largest mail distribution company in the Nordic area. Bring transports large volumes of goods, parcels and foodstuffs within the Nordic area and to and from the international market.

Clear ambitions

Jan Andresen, Trade Lane manager: “We have a clear ambition to improve our fleet management based on Trailermatics’ possibilities. The customer of tomorrow will be more engaged; they expect real-time reporting and accurate data about their freight. With Novacom Trailermatics, we will increase our customer services to create a competitive advantage. But also road safety and freight security is important for Bring; the reason why we are looking to use extra functionalities inside Trailermatics such as TPMS and Truck-ID.”

Nordics Export of Goods and Export Enterprises 

There is a lot of business activity in the Nordics; according to the ‘Nordics Export of Goods and Export Enterprises,’ a recent report made by five Nordic national statistical institutes in Danmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. If you are curious to learn about the strongholds of the Nordic countries in terms of the type of goods that are exported and in terms of geographical markets? And how Nordic countries perform on the main emerging markets or the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) compared to the larger enterprises in the export of goods of each of the Nordic countries. You can download the report here.

Emerging markets

If you do not have time to read all 110 pages; here are the main findings at the overall, cross-country level:

· Sweden is the largest Nordic exporter of goods, but Iceland is the most export oriented, the export of goods accounting for 37% of Iceland’s GDP.

· The export of goods declined significantly in 2009 as a result of the crisis, but by 2012 all countries except for Finland
had regained the export level of 2008.

· The Nordic countries lost ground on export markets in the period 2008 to 2012. If the Nordic countries had maintained their
business shares in that period, the Nordic export of goods would have been 31 billion EUR higher in 2012.

· The Nordic countries especially lost market shares on the BRIC markets, in particular in exports to the Russian Federation.
Denmark was the only Nordic country that gained ground on the BRIC markets.

· As a whole, the Nordic countries improved their market shares on the Next-11 emerging markets, due to a large increase in
raw oil exports from Norway to South Korea.


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