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Track your fleet with Trailermatics

Trailermatics is the next generation trailer telematics solution for tracking your fleet. We offer a range of innovative services that enables you to track trailers using GPS and satellite terminals in real-time.

Using GPS for trailers, in combination with a dual-simchip inside the terminal, you can track your trailer and set warnings in the telematics system if incidents occur. With ‘geo-fencing’ you assure that the truck and trailer stay on the right route; if the trailer takes another route than scheduled, you can receive a warning by SMS or e-mail.

Our trailer tracking solution is also perfect to locate idle assets. With a daily Idle Asset Report you can locate all trailers at once; ideal for transport planning.

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During transport you monitor with Trailermatics all vital elements to guarantee a safe and secured trip. Door sensors on the backdoor of the trailer, EBS cable connected control, Tyre pressure Measurement System, important for a firm steering control of the truck/trailer combination. It also saves a lot of gasoline when tires are on the right pressure. For the cold chain, we have smart solutions to monitor the temperature inside a cooled trailer. Important to demonstrate that you take quality and quality control serious. We deliver a hardware neutral solution; so anything you already have can be connected inside the Trailermatics system. With the interface you have 24/7 access to all your data. Our warranty terms are just as solid as our equipment and software; we give full warranty during the full contract term.



You can choose what installation and elements you need. Due to the modular and flexible structure of our Trailermatics solution it is easy to upgrade your fleet with reliable products such as:

  • Secured Door Locks (Trailermatics is a TAPA member)
  • TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
  • Reefer Controller System
  • Door Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Truck ID

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A real expertise in connected fleet management

Telematics can improve business performance and we are glad to share with you 25 years of experience both on the road, and in space.

We offer a ‘one-stop-service’ in multiple geographies. Our solution can be used for different asset types and/or short-term rented equipment. Transport companies should also be able to upgrade easily to one of our many specialized solutions without further investment in technology. Some people ask us: ‘How did you manage to offer these innovative and flexible services?’ Well, we do have an unfair advantage: some of us came from space.

We have some remarkable expertise in our team from CNES. This Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales is the government agency responsible for France’s space policy in Europe. Wow, indeed. CNES is inventing space systems of the future and is France’s connection with the final frontier.

Transport companies are facing many challenges: how to comply to your customer’s demand for more freight protection and real-time insight in the ETA of their cargo? How to keep operational costs within your budget? How can you integrate more data from telematics in your current system? Is there a platform that can combine different sources? As a carrier, you are not the only one that struggles with these questions. AAA-companies have been there before and done their research; DB Schenker, Sterac, DFDS and Lamberet did not choose for a product, but for a trailer tracking solution that improved their business.


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