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Tachograph analysis: Aiding tracking and management of driving times

Live data collection

lorry driverWhether for checking compliance with driving time rules, planning schedules or tracking operations, collecting data is becoming a challenge for all road transport professionals. Trailermatics offers an integrated solution to aid tracking and management of driving times.


Optimally manage driving times

The Trailermatics fleet management solution automatically collects driving data to enable more effective remote tracking of your vehicles. Thanks to the connected tachograph, you can easily analyse all the activity monitoring data of your drivers in the online platform Trailermatics.



A solution to remotely download tachograph data

chronotachygraphy web platformTo track your fleet’s operations and ensure regulatory compliance, you need to know how long your drivers’ have been working. With Trailermatics, data capture is automatic.

Our integrated solution directly collects driving data from tachographs, so you can automatically see:

  • Live operating data (driving, rest/break, vehicle stopped with engine running).
  • Legal compliance data for your archives and pay calculations.

The Trailermatics solution can also be coupled with the Drive Connect application on Androïd. Drive Connect tracks driving and working times in real time. If the driver is in danger of exceeding legal driving times or needs to take a mandatory break, the application sends an alert.


Saving time for operators

Trailermatics saves time for operators by automating collection of drivers’ drive time data:

  • Save time by directly downloading drive time data from the vehicle’s tachograph.
  • Keep your teams safer by factoring driver working times into management of transport operations.
  • Reduce risks of infringement through regular tracking of drive times.
  • Archive drive data digitally and securely.
  • Track your teams more effectively with data in the standard European format (DDD) for better integration with HR tools.


truck driver recording his driving time

Driver comfort and safety

By tracking operations, automating data entry and providing a range of alerts, for drivers Trailermatics:

  • Increases comfort by providing two means of identification (Driver Connect mobile app or driver card).
  • Save times, as the driver no longer needs to manually remove the driver card.
  • Provides a clearer picture with an intuitive overview of trip, working, available and rest times.
  • Enhances safety through alerts to avoid infringements, provides advance warning of maximum authorized drive time and guarantees rest times.
  • Increases reliability through manual entry of operations if the vehicle does not have a tachograph.