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Real Time Tracking

Most important elements of a GPS trailer real time tracking solution are obviously a satellite, a mobile phone connection and a device on your trailer or asset. This device is a clever little box that sits well hidden and protected on your trailer. This ‘modem’ collects data from your trailer about location, route, truck ID, speed, tyre pressure, door locks, the temperature inside and so on. This information is collected with sensors and measured non-stop. In the case of a change in pre-set values, an alarm can be triggered and sent by text or e-mail to the transport fleet manager and/or truck driver.

When we talk about trailer tracking, we talk about telematics for trailers. About 80% of European transport companies is unfamiliar about the advantages of GPS trailer tracking for their business. The next generation GPS trailer tracking systems can empower a transport fleet and its drivers with enhanced security, control and safety. But not all systems are the same; the used technology can differ between services and providers. It is important that, if you upgrade your transport business with a telematics for trailer solution, you make the right choice. With a solid and ‘state of the art’ GPS trailer tracking system on board of your fleet, a whole new world opens up.

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Data connection at all time

Most modems will have a SIM-card in it, from a local mobile telephone provider. The only problem with SIM-cards is that they don’t like to travel on bumpy roads or hang out during rainy, snowy or hot sunny days. At some time, the electronic contacts wear out and then the connection with your trailer is lost. In that case, you will have to wait until maintenance is scheduled to change the SIM-card. And probably the holder as well.

The best GPS trailer tracking solution include SIM-chips. Trailermatics SIM-chips are installed in a pair of two and soldered into the trailer modem device. A solid and firm solution to ensure the connection at all times with the mobile network. Of course, the data is two-way encrypted to keep your information for your eyes only. And do not worry about roaming costs; these are fixed in a low monthly service fee per trailer.

Tire Pressure Measure System software


What can connected fleet management do more?

Originally, GPS trailer tracking started with the ability to track a trailer in real-time. Once on the road of innovation, we wanted to know more about the trailer, the truck and the cargo. If you have refrigerated trailers, you want to ensure that the temperature inside the trailer is controlled. In the case of any malfunction of the cooling unit and/or a dropdown or rise in temperature, an alert is given immediately. In the near future of GPS trailer tracking, we will be able to control the cooling unit from a distance and change the temperature.


Control tires quality & pressure

Another security element where telematics and GPS trailer tracking helps: to control the quality and pressure of the trailer tires; highly important to keep a good grip on the road and overall control of the truck and trailer combination. Tires that are too soft will have a higher rolling resistance with a higher fuel consumption and increased tire wear as a result. No rocket science, but often forgotten to check by the truck driver. With TPMS (Tire Pressure Measure System) in your trailer telematics, you are aware of the tire pressure of all tires on all trailers. And a flat tire can kill your day; best is to schedule your maintenance according to your trailers position. With an advanced GPS trailer tracking system you can merge your fleet management with the maintenance schedule of all trailers. A safe way to keep all trailers in a healthy shape.


Less down-time for trailers

Once a trailer is unhooked from a truck, it stands idle. And nobody likes idle trailers; they cost money. With an Idle Asset Report you create a daily overview where all your trailers are standing still. This data can be used to direct a truck driver to the nearest empty trailer; a fast and efficient way of planning. Because the modem device works also on a battery, you will be able to track that trailer for 2 months without recharging the battery or being connected to a truck.


Trailers security

If you ever needed a strong argument why to invest in a GPS trailer tracking telematics solution, just read the news about cargo theft. A big problem as gangs rob cargo from your trailer, no matter if its driving or standing still on a parking lot. With special trailer door locks, you have a better protection and can detect when a door is opened. If ‘someone’ opens the trailer door, an alarm is sent to the driver and fleet manager. In combination with an additional Eurowatch service, your trailer, driver and the cargo from your customer are best protected.


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