With our service product Trailermatics, Novacom Europe brings your business performance up to levels only imagined through our complementary financial, operational and consulting services. Take the advantage and improve your business with the latest technology and know-how from the experts.

Trailermatics from Novacom Europe offers you a ‘state of the art’ telematics system that …

· can increase business profitability and cost savings and improve customer service.

· is smart and flexible and offers you all the tools you need to keep control over your fleet and freight when you want it.

· can be upgraded easily if you want to take advantage of new solutions, without further investment in new technology.

· is available for different asset types and/or short-term rented equipment to help optimise your supply chain.

A transport-focused Helpdesk

Trailermatics has a specialised European customer support service that is open 24/7 and offers assistance in your language.

Repair and maintenance support

We make sure that our Trailermatics solutions are easily installed (for trailers already off the production line) and properly maintained through our comprehensive European workshop network. These include access to GE FleetCare’s certified 200+ workshops in 15+ countries and 100+ roadside assistance mobile service vans.

Data and reporting tailor-made to fit your systems and operations

Integration is possible with your existing Transport Management Software (TMS), so you only need one system for all of your fleetmanagement needs

Brand new user interface with easy-to-use functions that translate detailed data into actionable information to enable better and faster decision-making and help manage the exceptions

New reporting tools, complete with clear graphical representations, that measure individual asset or overall fleet performance, determine factors affecting performance and set target objectives for improvement – all available in one easy click

Information can be delivered through our user interface &/or by server based data transfer. Notification of serious events delivered through the user interface, via email or as an SMS text message.

Financing options

Novacom Europe purchases all hardware related to our solutions including modems, door locks, reinforced curtains, curtain seals etc.  We then fit it to your trailer asset and charge only a single monthly service fee, making our solutions a cost-effective option with no capital outlay required from your business.