With Trailermatics,  you have the option to identify which truck is connected to which trailer automatically. No matter on what docking bay your trailer is taken to its next destination; with Truck ID from Trailermatics, you check real-time if the freight is taken by the right Truck ID.

With Truck ID you will improve your fleet management, control pick-up times and assure that the assigned sub-contractor is on the road with your precious freight. Log-in to the Geoflex platform and follow the right combination from A to B. Interested in how Truck ID works for your fleet? Contact us on 


Download here Novacom Trailermatics Truck ID Infosheet

Truck-ID Infosheet

Truck ID (TID) – How to connect

• Sensor installed on truck, modem installed on trailer

• Any sensor can connect wirelessly to any DG modem if it is not already paired to another TID sensor

• They will pair through a unique pairing logic to ensure a 100% match between truck and trailer

• During paired status other TID’s or other DG’s might enter the wireless range, but this has no effect on the paired devices

• Unpairing will only occur when TID and DG can not see each other anymore for more than 10 minutes


Truck ID (TID) – Benefits

• Easy subcontractor planning

• Damage cause identification

• Trailer misuse identification

• Controllable subcontractor invoices

• Performance measurement of subcontractors

• Driver behavior measurement (EBS use, speed, etc.)


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If you care about your customers freight and want to assure your trailer is taken by the right truck, you should make TID a standard in your fleet management. Stay ahead of the competition with Trailermatics. Join us on Linkedin (Novacom Europe) or follow our Facebook Page or  Twitter feed.