Trailers on the road? Improve your business performance

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Trailers on the road? Improve your business performance

The economic environment in Europe in the short to medium term would appear to be favourable for the European haulage industry. Road transport companies should take advantage of opportunities to improve their business performance. In parallel, they should keep an eye on the bottom line, maximising margins through sensible cost control and benefiting from telematics to help them achieve this.

Economic growth, new opportunities

In April 2017, the European Union (EU) in its Spring 2017 Economic Forecast predicted “steady growth ahead”. It expected GDP growth in the whole EU to remain constant at 1.9% in both 2017 and 2018. The UK’s Freight Transport Association’s Logistics Report 2016 estimated that by 2020, 17.1% of all UK retail sales will be online, up from 13.8% in 2015, an example of a growing marketing that offers additional opportunities for entrepreneurial transporters.

Profit margins

In the same report, the FTA highlighted the reported profit margin of the top 100 UK road hauliers. In the latest statistics, it found that profit margin was at 4% in 2015, up from 3% in both 2013 and 2014. It will be interesting to discover how profit margins evolved in 2016 and understand how these compare to margins for transporters in other European countries.

Better business performance through telematics

Telematics can play a significant role in delivering better business performance and outstanding customer service. It can be instrumental in retaining and increasing business from existing clients as well as bringing new clients on-board.

What Trailermatics telematics can do for you

Through Trailermatics, the leading trailer telematics solution, you can boost your business performance with our range of financial, operational and consulting services.

Trailermatics telematics adds value by giving fleet managers access to a wide range of data about their fleets in real time. This enables them to take business-critical decisions from wherever they are. Trailer telematics covers many areas including driver and trailer scheduling, finding the most effective delivery routes, asset tracking, monitoring wear and tear on mechanical components and remote control of functions such as reefer temperatures or tyre pressures.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits that the Trailermatics telematics solution provides include:

  • increased business profitability and cost savings
  • compatibility with different trailer types
  • the ease with which it can be installed on your current trailer fleet and/or on your rental trailers to help optimise your supply chain
  • a computerised dashboard to enable you and your drivers to monitor and manage the data generated by the telematics in real time
  • integration with your existing Transport Management Software and the provision of customised reporting
  • a specialised European customer support service that is open 24/7 and offers assistance in your language
  • the possibility of maintenance and repairs through Trailermatics’ 200+ workshops across Europe and 100+ roadside assistance mobile service vans.

Financing options

Trailermatics purchases all hardware related to our solutions including modems, door locks, reinforced curtains, curtain seals etc.  We then fit it to your trailer(s) and only charge a single monthly service fee, making our solutions a cost-effective option with no capital outlay required from your business.

For more information on how to improve your business performance through Trailermatics telematics solution, please contact Trailermatics by

Brand neutral

Trailermatics; the Novacom Europe telematics for trailers solution has proven to be the best option. Trailermatics can be installed on any brand or type of trailer. Plus our software can import or merge any existing software you are currently using.

Trailermatics can collect and merge information from any other connectable device (like most of the reefers engines). With Trailermatics from Novacom, you have the ideal platform to oversee and manage all data to or from other telematics providers. That makes us also the perfect partner to integrate trailer telematics with existing truck telematics. At Novacom, we think about solutions to keep you going!

The multiple Award-winning GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

Novacom Trailermatics was awarded in 2011 and 2015 with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership Award’ for the European connected trailer industry. If you want to do business with the best GPS Trailer Tracking solution available on the market, connect with us via e-mail to set up an introductory meeting and a demo:

Trailermatics by Novacom Europe is powered by Novacom Services

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