Telematics for Trailers: access the digital ‘next frontier’

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Telematics for Trailers:

In 2012, TruckingInfo published an article entitled “Telematics: the next Frontier”. Five years later, we have arrived at it! Frost & Sullivan in their Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook 2017 report finds that by 2025, globally 63.5 million trucks will be connected. If you have not done so already, how can you join the trailer telematics “revolution” and how does it work?

How does Trailermatics work?

Trailermatics telematics solution for trailers is the most advanced and flexible GPS trailer tracking solution on the market. Using satellite or GPRS communication and GPS for positioning, this software developed with CLS and CNES, the French space agency, links the dashboard on your existing computer at base with robust Trailermatics modems installed in each trailer. You can track your trailers 24 hours per day across Europe and North Africa, whether on the move, idling in a layby or dropping goods off at a customer. Trailermatics is capable of sending you reports on different aspects of your trailer operations including the tracking of your trailers, fuel and tyres for maintenance purposes and the safety and security of your trailers.

Fitting a Trailermatics GPS Trailer Tracking device

On becoming a customer, you are assigned a specific member of our team to organise all aspects of installing and maintaining the Trailermatics system and respond to any questions. Trailermatics will install a Trailermatics modem on your trailers and link it to sensors that it will fix across a range of the mechanical parts of your trailers. This can be done quickly and efficiently during a regular maintenance appointment by one of our local experts.

Once in place, the modem will communicate information from your trailers to the dashboards of central computers at your headquarters typically via GPRS or, for some clients, via satellite. The modem contains a special type of SIM, which is welded into it and is extremely robust. It is able to withstand all types of shocks and vibrations and weather conditions that a trailer might be subject to, from desert storms to rain and snow.

The modem is powered by a special high performance battery which is recharged automatically when the trailer is on the move. When the trailer is stationary, battery-generated power continues to enable the modem to send and receive data. The battery can function without recharging for up to three months.

Ease of integration and future proofing

Among the many advantages of the Trailermatics trailer telematics solution are its ease of integration with your existing IT systems and its future-proofing. For example, for fleet managers seeking full trailers on all return journeys, Trailermatics can be integrated with freight brokers’ IT systems to capture real-time collection and delivery opportunities. Some may be interested in obtaining information with which to brief their drivers of platooning opportunities. Others may be keen to add new features and functionality to their Trailermatics solution.

Optional features

The basic Trailermatics trailer telematics solution keeps you informed of the locations of your trailers at all times. However, there are optional features that are worth investigating whether you want the trailer to give you further reassurance about security, the safety of your cargo, temperature or fuel savings.

EBS cable monitoring

If the EBS cable is not attached then Trailermatics will send the fleet manager an alert. The EBS system can also indicate whether the trailer is loaded or not and if “yes,” the weight.

Cargo safety

You can maximise the safety of your high value cargo by monitoring the locking and unlocking of the trailer doors. You can set Trailermatics remotely to trigger an alarm if the doors are opened at an unexpected time or at an hour which differs from the delivery schedule. For this feature, the Trailermatics team installs electronic locks and attach special sensors to the doors.

Another cargo safety option is Truck ID which identifies whether or not your trailers are being taken by the right truck.


You may be running reefers and want reassurance via remote monitoring that the refrigeration temperatures in your trailers are appropriate for the pharmaceuticals, food, drink and other temperature-sensitive goods that you are transporting. You will receive instant alerts on any abnormal temperatures and be in a position to take immediate action. Not only can Trailermatics install sensors for this but it can also share the expertise of its two major transport refrigeration manufacturers to ensure that the correct data is being drawn from the best cooling systems.

Fuel savings

Incorrectly inflated tires can contribute to poor fuel consumption. Trailermatics’ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) tells you whether or not your tires are pumped up to the right pressures for your loads and when your tyres need replacing. The right tyre pressures are also critical to driver safety and trailer road-handling. We have calculated that the TPMS feature can save you up to €900 per trailer per year.

Add Trailermatics telematics to your trailers

Why not contact your local Trailermatics area manager to find out more about how you and your trailer fleet can benefit from 24/7 remote trailer tracking, increased peace of mind and cost savings by installing the Trailermatics trailer telematics solution?


Brand neutral

Trailermatics; the Novacom Europe telematics for trailers solution has proven to be the best option. Trailermatics can be installed on any brand or type of trailer. Plus our software can import or merge any existing software you are currently using.

Trailermatics can collect and merge information from any other connectable device (like most of the reefers engines). With Trailermatics from Novacom, you have the ideal platform to oversee and manage all data to or from other telematics providers. That makes us also the perfect partner to integrate trailer telematics with existing truck telematics. At Novacom, we think about solutions to keep you going!

The multiple Award-winning GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

Novacom Trailermatics was awarded in 2011 and 2015 with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership Award’ for the European connected trailer industry. If you want to do business with the best GPS Trailer Tracking solution available on the market, connect with us via e-mail to set up an introductory meeting and a demo:

Trailermatics by Novacom Europe is powered by Novacom Services


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