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May 09 2014 GPS Trailer Tracking brandcases,

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syncreon has a strong reputation as one of the leading players within the logistics industry in both warehousing and Transport. In 2007 after a merger between Walsh Western International and TDS Logistics, syncreon was born. The company then bought US firm NAL Worldwide Holdings. syncreon’s parent firm is still registered in Ireland and relocated in 2008 its headquarters from Dublin to Auburn Hills in Michigan. In Ireland syncreon kept their operations in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

Additional security
syncreon’s transport division were already using dedicated 24/7 monitoring services and from their understanding of the market and involvement with TAPA, they decided to upgrade their fleet and security. With repeated stories and bad news about Romanian gangs who were targeting moving trailers, cutting off locks and removing goods while the trailer was still in transit, they made the decision to upgrade both the tracking / alarm capabilities of the fleet and also upgrade the locking system on trailers. With the GPS system in place it also improved visibility for operations in making decisions around back loading. Working closely with their trailer provider (TIP) both Novacom and SBS locking devices were installed seamlessly.

Trailermatics solution
The Trailermatics solution by Novacom Europe was advised and placed on the entire trailer fleet (150+) using the DG200 modem and door sensors. Customers could now monitor via a web-interface the ‘actual load’ and see when doors have been opened and locked. syncreon trailers only leave secure loading points after verification by the monitoring Centre and Operations. syncreon try where possible to use their TAPA certified sites in Ire/UK/NL +DE for secure parking. Despite the improved visibility of trailer and cargo, more security steps had to be taken.

syncreon, ireland, trailer, telematics, security, case-study, novacom europe, cargo, theft, tapa, trailermatics, road, safety

BDL locks
No one at Operations wanted to watch ‘live robbery’ from a rolling trailer; something extra was needed to make it extra difficult to even open the backside of the trailer. Novacom Europe sourced the right product: an SBS BDL lock and managed seamlessly the installation with the help of TIP in Dublin. syncreon have been very happy since the installation of Trailermatics on the entire trailer fleet, working closely with their security partner. Live tracking and visability have increased awareness.

Reduced operations time
Alan Murnane, Commercial Director: “With ‘real time’ tracking we prepare ourselves for the threat that is out there. We’ve made the right decision with Trailermatics, apart from the obvious security enhancement’s. Trailers are checked daily and this process can be completed in 20 mins. Previously it was a continuous task trying to locate all trailers, if a client wanted immediate response if we can cover a load. This has also reduced operations time, not having to look where everything is. It is allowing the operation more time to different tasks, and maybe get home early!”

With security at stake, it was only natural for syncreon to talk to Novacom Europe about a Trailermatics security solution. Both companies are long lasting members of TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association.

More info
If you have high profile customers that demand more security, contact us for a demo. We are happy to advise you how trailer telematics can improve your security and reputation.
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