Air Liquide

Nov 01 2013 GPS Trailer Tracking brandcases,

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Business activity: Air Liquide Gas transportation (mainly CO2).
Requirements: Management of trailer centre and secure transport.
Fleet: 50 – 200

Novacom offers a carrier management solution allowing Air Liquide to monitor the mileage reported by hauliers conveying tankers to Air Liquide customers. The GPS coordinates of the delivery points are included on the map interface, thus enabling Air Liquide to obtain precise reports on schedules and delivery times. The Novacom solution allows Air Liquide to closely monitor the progress of the tankersand therefore to authenticate its service providers’ invoicing without risk.

Novacom has successfully implemented a dedicated semi-trailer security solution with the ability to adapt to the constraints of Air Liquide, which uses tankers transported by an external service provider. This solution enables the production of reports tailor-made to suit Air Liquide’s different customers. Air liquide can subsequently cross-check the information and thus optimise deliveries.

• Systematic control of theoretical mileage, mileage declared by hauliers, and mileage reported by Novacom data.
• Authentication of payments.
• Mileage precision makes fraud by tanker hauliers more difficult.