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The Belgian Scanfor specialise in guided and unguided transport in the Benelux, France, Spain, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and Russia. Scanfor takes quality and service for customer, employee and environment seriously, as it holds the valuable ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. From the central dispatching in Wommelgem, the Scanfor team keeps a close eye on the growing trailer fleet, using Trailermatics.

Yousef Hamdaoui, fleet manager at Scanfor enthuses: “For us it is important that we know every moment of the day where our trailers are located. We create for every transport a separate ‘geo-fencing’ zone. If the load goes off-route, an alert is immediately sent to our headquarter and local branches via email and SMS. Security, safety and service is crucial for us, our customers must know exactly when their goods arrive. Our offices in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, France and Spain use the real-time reporting to inform the customers with relevant details. Of course, we evaluate the efficiency of our trailer fleet looking at the history of each transport to see and learn what can be improved to make our performance even better. Trailermatics is to Scanfor a reliable and professional partner, just like we, they always think in solutions and provide a fast service. That is why we have extended all Trailermatics contracts for our entire fleet.”

With the recent opening of the Scanfor office in Bilbao, Spain, Scanfor continues to invest in the future with its service and is expected to grow further as an international transportation company. A scalable trailer telematics solution is a must to ensure quality, safety and service. Are you also expanding and searching for a scalable solution? Please contact Novacom Europe via

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