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Business activity: Express transport service.
Requirements punctuality : Benefit from precise knowledge of semi-trailer arrival and delivery times.
Fleet: 200 – 1000 Novacom equips semi-trailers with door sensors enabling Fedex to monitor the routes of its assets and the opening of doors at unloading sites (delivery time) or outside delivery zones (falls from lorry). Fedex needed to be able to precisely track the arrival times of deliverers on site and the precise time of delivery. The gap between the deliverers’ waiting time and the moment the packages are given to the customers is therefore measured on the basis of the gap between arrival on site and the opening of the semi-trailer’s doors.
A punctuality solution dedicated to semi-trailers, with wireless sensors and advanced surveillance tools enabling detection of door opening outside normally dedicated zones.RETURN ON INVESTMENT

• Improved punctuality.
• Enhanced corporate image thanks to precise tracking, which reassures customers.
• Optimal performance in terms of delivery and the deliverers’ work.