Optimise your trailer fleet with Trailermatics

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Optimise your trailer fleet with Trailermatics

The economy is on the rise and consumers have restored faith in their personal income. A survey by analytics firm comScore in June 2016, learned that in Europe 65% of internet users have shopped online and, for the first time, this year has seen over 50% of goods purchased online in the US. Naturally, this has led to an increasing demand for transportation and therefore the need for more trailer fleet flexibility. The game play in distribution  is to deliver the cargo as fast as you can. For the best price and with maximum security to make sure that the transport is safe, and the cargo is properly secured to avoid cargo theft. The competition is fierce, and margins are small so you need to increase your operational profit and optimize your fleet management. With Trailermatics you have the most complete tool for your trailer fleet. Optimise your assets with these telematics services.

Protect by monitoring attempts for cargo theft

Trailermatics alerts instantly all assets in your trailer fleet. If the driver is not able to respond, we can activate local police forces through Eurowatch to help you to secure the cargo and your trailer. Having this advanced telematics technology embedded in your fleet management brings added value to your competitive resume. Customers want to do business with the company that complies to the latest safety and security rules. Transport is all about time traveling; as long as you get a strong performance on your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) everybody is happy. But what if your cargo gets stolen? The statistics are still rising, and often cargo gets stolen while the driver is having a rest. Or a proper meal in a road restaurant. With secured locks and door sensors on your trailer, you will make it difficult to get inside the trailer. But if they do with brutal force or laser cutters, you can receive an immediate alert on your and your driver’s mobile phone.

Know your idle trailer time

Imagine you can locate all your trailers on one computer screen. Trailermatics customers do this every day! If you can maximize your trailer utilization (trailer-km per year), it will strongly affect the balance between fixed and variable costs and gives an important overall indication of efficiency. Optimise your logistics activities with trailer telematics, an investment in your trailer fleet with a very high ROI (Return on Investment). For any cargo demand from your customer, you simply point the driver where to pick up a suitable trailer closest to the cargo.

Save money on tires 

Times are expensive so it’s an easy win to make sure they last as long as possible. To keep tires in a perfect condition you need to check the tire pressure. If your trailer has the wrong tire pressure, your transport can consume up to 5% more fuel. And if the tires are 20% below, the tire life is reduced by 30%. You can trust your drivers to check the tire pressure, but you can help them with an TPMS alert if the pressure is wrong. If you connect your trailers with Trailermatics, the time of usage and the traveled distance, you can schedule your trailer tire management before it’s too late.

EBS alert and bogie load

An overloaded trailer might be good idea on paper for your profit, but in reality it is dangerous. Your driver will face trouble to control the trailer truck combination, and in case of an emergency break, the trailer will not respond normal. To avoid this, you can receive an alert from Trailermatics when the trailer loads exceed the maximum weight. At the same time, the working of the EBS, the electronic brake system is checked, for maximum security.

Where to start with telematics for trailers

If you are thinking to upgrade your company and increase your profit, come and talk to the Trailermatics crew. They all come from trailer operations and know what it is like to manage a fleet of trailers. They will show you how you can follow your trailer and read the data that is sent to you. We train your staff, so they get all the benefits from the system. Meanwhile we help you to set-up a schedule to install the DG 200 terminal on your trailers. The DG-200 is the hardware unit connected to the EBS. Now you are ready to power up and choose from different packages for enabling fleet management, cold chain monitoring, security enhancement, carrier management, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and truck id.

Choose for the best trailer fleet solution

Trailermatics; the Novacom Europe telematics for trailers solution has proven to be the best option. Trailermatics can be installed on any brand or type of trailer. Plus our software can import or merge any existing software you are currently using. Trailermatics can collect and merge information from any other connectable device (like most of the reefers engines). With Trailermatics from Novacom, you have the ideal platform to oversee and manage all data to or from other telematics providers. That makes us also the perfect partner to integrate trailer telematics with existing truck telematics. At Novacom, we think about solutions to keep you going!

The multiple Award-winning GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

Novacom Trailermatics was awarded in 2011 and 2015 with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership Award’ for the European connected trailer industry. If you want to do business with the best GPS Trailer Tracking solution available on the market, connect with us via e-mail to set up an introductory meeting and a demo: novacom@trailermatics.com

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