How Does Trailermatics Work?

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How Does Trailermatics Work?

Trailermatics is the most advanced and flexible GPS Trailer Tracking solution on the market. We can track your trailer or unpowered assets like a container via two ways; via satellite or via GPRS communication, and will always use GPS for positioning. You don’t have to make a decision about who is the most flexible tracking supplier; you just have to choose the tracking solution you need!

How does Trailermatics GPS Trailer Tracking work?

Trailermatics is specialized in Telematics for Trailers. If you have a logistics company and you want to know where your trailers are (on the road or standing idle) you can use Trailermatics. If you have to comply with new standards for safety and security; you can use Trailermatics. If you want to reduce costs for maintenance, fuel and tires; you must use Trailermatics!

If you become a customer, we will make a plan to schedule the installation of a little clever box on your trailer(s): the Trailermatics modem (a.k.a. DG-200). This installation can for example be done during regular maintenance and will always be done by a local expert in your area. So in that case you don’t have any extra downtime for your trailer; we’ll adapt our planning to yours. During this process, you will always have one person from our team to assist you; our Regional Service Manager.

When the Trailermatics modem is in its place, and it has been validated by our system, it will start to transmit information. That connection is made using GPRS, like with a mobile phone. Only, we don’t use a sim card. Those little sim cards (and they become smaller every time) can drop out due to shocks and vibration or fail because of loose contacts after hanging a while under your trailer. That’s why we use a SIM-chip; a welded SIM chip inside the Trailermatics modem. Solid and secure, to keep the GPRS connection online, even during the worst rain, wind, ice snow or hot desert storms.

Because we want to be the best in our business; we have installed a super battery that can stay alive for up to three months. So if your trailer goes on a ship or a train and the trailer is not powered, you will still be able to follow the trailer and receive data. As soon as the trailer starts rolling again and receives power from the truck, the battery is automatically recharged.

Recently, we’ve won a pitch from one of the biggest transport companies in Germany. After a long test trial with two telematics competitors, Trailermatics won and became their favorite supplier of a modular, solid and longer lasting telematics solution!

The basic installation

With a validated Trailermatics modem, you can now log-in to our web based platform to see what information the modem is sending. This platform is for PC and Mac; you don’t need to install special software. The Trailermatics platform is powered by CLS and CNES, the French Space Agency, how cool is that. Because they are our partners, we can use the best data servers and connections available. If they can talk with people on the moon, we surely can guarantee that we can ‘talk’ with your trailer.

If you have a basic installation; you can log-in and follow your trailer anywhere in Europe. For companies that do business in Northern Africa, it is important to know that we can track your trailer also into the Maghreb. With this basic set-up of Trailermatics, you can see where your trailers are, driving or idle and get reports on the utilization of your fleet..

If your trailer leaves and/or enters by surprise a certain pre-defined area, you can pre-set an alarm to be aware of this. This alarm is sent by e-mail or SMS. Last year we’ve reached a new record with sending over 1 billion messages to our customers!

Your trailer (or to be exact, your Trailermatics modem) is being watched by a network of 24 satellites; the Global Positioning Network. The same system you use for your car navigation system.. The position can be precise between 2 and 8 meters..

At the same time, the Trailermatics modem is sending every 5 or 15 minutes data to a cellular network, using GPRS. The SIM-chips do this. Normally, when you cross a border in Europe, you will switch to another local provider and you get extra roaming costs. With Trailermatics, we have this all covered in one flat fee per month. So no surprises!

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Modular options

Now you know where your trailer is, what more can the Trailermatics modem tell you about your trailer? What is that little thing sending!? The Artificial Intelligence part of our system we like most!


First of all, it will check non-stop if the EBS cable is connected. This cable is often forgotten, and that’s too often noticed when it is too late. Trailermatics can send an alert if the EBS cable is not connected. Simple, but important.

The EBS system can also give an indication of the weight, so you can see if the unit is loaded or not. This is just an example as there are many more data elements available from the EBS system.

Trailer doors

If you transport precious cargo, you want to be sure that the trailer back doors are locked firmly. And protected with maybe (electronic) locks and door opening sensors. We can install these for you during the installation of the Trailermatics modem. Once installed, you can set alarms when the doors open at an unexpected moment, before the estimated time of arrival. Or, when you stand still in a parking lot or gas station.


If you are in the food or pharmaceutical transport, you know that a stable temperature is important. With Trailermatics, you can install a sensor that will detect if the temperature inside your refrigerated trailer is OK. Your client for sure wants to know how you can guarantee the quality of your transport.

By setting up the range of temperature, you can set an alert for a rise or a dropdown of the temperature. This data can be shared with your client. This is not only professional, it also demonstrates that you comply with the new high standards for a modern transport and logistics company. Trailermatics has a partnership with the two major transport refridgeration manufacturers to extract the right data out of the best cooling systems.

Fuel savings

If you want to make even more money with Trailermatics, you can install TPMS sensors on your wheels. This Tire Pressure Monitoring System will check the pressure of your tires. Did you know that 89% of tire accidents are caused by ‘slow-leakers’? You can get an alert if one of the tires is leaking and losing pressure.

Having the right pressure on all tires is not only good for safety and steering control; it also helps you to reduce costs. The wrong tire pressure will give an average increase of 5% more fuel consumption. And the last thing you want during a transport is a blow-out tire accident. More than 14% of all replaced tires are a cause by over, or under pressure. If you have TPMS in your Trailermatics system, it will save you 900 euro per vehicle per year. We can prove this if you invite us to demonstrate Trailermatics.


With Trailermatics, you have another module with the option to identify which truck is connected to which trailer automatically. No matter on what docking bay your trailer is taken to its next destination; with Truck ID from Trailermatics, you check real-time if the freight is taken by the right truck.

With Truck ID, you will improve your fleet management, control pick-up times and assure that the assigned sub-contractor is on the road with your precious freight.

How does Trailermatics GPS Satellite Tracking work?

A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on the location, vehicle speed, time, and direction.

So, a GPS tracking system can give both real-time and historic navigation data on any journey. For unpowered assets like containers, swap bodies or boats we have another smart solution; the SmartOne. This little device from our partner GlobalStar is working on the same high quality as the Trailermatics modem. This satellite-managed asset-ready tracker is designed for intelligent management of non-powered fixed and mobile assets.


A practical solution for tracking asset location, reporting unauthorized movement, engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring as well as a multitude of other applications. Track intermediate bulk containers and boats as a solution to improve your assets operating efficiency and security. The SmartOne is powered by four lithium AA batteries and can send more than 2000 messages, so for example 2 messages per day for three years.

Replacing the batteries is very easily done in the field. With an investment of approx 10 euro’s for the batteries the SmartOne goes into its second life. The SmartOne utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and transmit asset status information. Each SmartOne is configured to track its asset’s specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email or text. In case you have a mixed fleet of swap bodies and trailers, you can see both SmartOne and Trailermatics modems in the Trailermatics web based platform.


Now you understand all the added values that Trailermatics gives your company. Our team has skilled people that understand not only advanced technology, but also understand how you can make more profit with our efficient and proven solutions. Streamline your fleet and use our experience. And if you are still wondering why to choose, ask yourself one question: “Why did Lamberet, FedEX, DHL, DB Schenker, Sterac, AB Texel, Sli, AirLiquide, Geodis and Bring choose for Trailermatics?”

Contact us for an appointment!

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