Empower your trailer with space technology and expertise

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Empower your trailer with space technology and expertise

Choosing a telematics for trailers solution is not that complicated. Of course, there are many suppliers that offer to help you track your trailer and most services will not differ a lot. So how can you make good choice for your trailer fleet? First of all, ask for the list of clients that use the provider on your short-list. If these are large players in the transport and logistic field, you know that these companies have done their home-work before making a solid choice.

Make then a tick-box if the telematics system is modular. After all, you want to be flexible with extra options and be able to upscale your fleet. Ultimately, look who’s behind the telematics supplier. If a trailer supplier offers telematics, you know they have to buy in a certain telematics expertise. With Trailermatics by Novacom Services, you know that inside Novacom we have all the expertise needed for a perfect GPS tracking solution and location of your trailer or tanker.

Expertise from space

We have some remarkable expertise in our team from CNES. This Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales is the government agency responsible for France’s space policy in Europe. CNES is inventing space systems of the future and is France’s connection with the final frontier. CNES works together with IFREMER, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea. And long before GPS ever started and Google Earth came online, CNES and IFREMER created CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), the worldwide operator of the Argos satellite system.

Argos started in the last century as the first global tracking system. Today, it is still used to locate small satellite transmitters throughout the world, handling the tracking of animals, drifting buoys and flotillas of fishing boats. CLS and CNES created in 2002 Novacom Services  to develop new telematics services built on the technological revolution brought by GPS, the Internet and GSM networks . The ultimate way to share 25 years of expertise in geolocation and to propose a new range of services based on the concept of the Novacom platform; a state of the art computer centre that allows customers to access their own data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Connect with earth

Trailermatics can collect and merge information from any other connectable device (like most of the reefers engines). With Trailermatics from Novacom, you have the ideal platform to oversee and manage all data to or from other telematics providers. That makes us also the perfect partner to integrate trailer telematics with existing truck telematics. At Novacom, we think about solutions to keep you going! Novacom Trailermatics was awarded in 2011 and 2015 with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership Award’ for the European connected trailer industry.

You can only be a market leader in trailer telematics if you have strong partners. With Trailermatics, we offer a telematics ‘one-stop-service’ in multiple geographies and our solution to be used for different asset types and/or short-term rented equipment. Transport companies should also be able to upgrade easily to one of our many specialized solutions without further investment in technology.

If you want to do business with the best GPS Trailer Tracking solution available on the market, connect with us via e-mail to set up an introductory meeting and a demo: novacom@trailermatics.com

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